Life tastes better at Maya Beach Club.

Our day-to-night dining options explore a world of flavours from oysters, and lobster to Kobe beef and traditional Spanish paella, always using the freshest produce and latest cookery techniques.  

Whether you are joining us for a delicious breakfast to kick-start the day, lunch with friends, or a romantic candlelight dinner – come sit back in our minimalist open-air dining rooms and savour delicious dishes as you gaze over the turquoise waters of Cala Vadella.

Our refined menu was carefully designed by international chefs, complemented with an exquisite wine and champagne list, prepared and served by exclusive sommeliers.

The core of our journey focuses on three specialists: Sushi bar, Italian traditions and Mediterranean cuisine. 


Sushi Bar

Pairing the great Japanese tradition with a Brazilian zest for life, our chefs create the very best sushi in Ibiza.

Working their magic in an open kitchen, these sushi experts concoct an ever-evolving menu filled with the most original creations.

Serving you up bright and zingy plates that come to life under the Ibiza sun.


Italian Traditions

There’s nothing more satisfying than indulging on your favourite pizza or enjoying a bowl of delicious fresh, home-made pasta.

At Maya Beach Club, we bring our Italian heritage straight to Cala Vadella - you know you're getting the real deal. 

Our master chef uses the freshest ingredients and finest flavors to make some of the best in authentic Italian cuisine in Ibiza. 

Mediterranean Cuisine

The Mediterranean is famed for its delicious cuisine - and there's no where quite like Ibiza to find the very best.

Favouring top quality produce, simple flavours and light freshness, the chefs at Maya Beach Club recreate some classic dishes from the region with a modern twist.

Comprising salads, pasta, rice, meat and fish, our tantalizing menu will surprise and delight your taste buds.


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